by dealwithit

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Now that this faggot is dead, I can take over his head/
littered with sadistic thoughts and a bloody body tourniquet/
tried to win the tournament, felt the wrath that hell had sent
never had a penchant for being known as benevolent/
second round I knock em down, never giving a faggot doubt/
pushing out the demons from the mind and made em drive south/
so they could run back to me in physical form/
crushed the negatives by abusing the power of my scorn/
return to my hometown, brought a new evil sound/
the people stabbed me in the back, where do I escape now?/
the outskirts of time are a perfect dwelling place of mine/
where I plot and visualize the burning in my twisted mind/
they should have realized they aren’t dealing with the same guy/
I left and changed the outlook and myself, got sick of all the lies/
but now I understand that the world was always against me/
let’s see how faggots handle dealwithit with no defending/

how do I return? By saying fuck everybody
you haven’t signed up, fucking join the karma army

whittled down acquaintances until I only had my brothers/
I work better with a small crowd in even fewer numbers/
then I returned from my exile, made my own path/
getting ready with axes to come and start a bloodbath/
ripping out intestines and shoving them into critics mouths/
cutting legs off at the femur, gruesome shit’s what I’m all about/
I will not stop til I ravaged everyone who wronged me/
I stab you in the heart and do it screaming KARMA ARMY/
best in the world now the best fucking killer/
throw a few Lakeland bitches to their death in a freezer/
choke a few out just to switch the fucking gameplan/
solid snake metal gear nuclear power in my hands/
conjure up raw power and grab a bitch by her jaw/
rip it off with my bare hands, the crowd stares in shock and awe/
gouge another enemies eyes out, break the nose of another/
invade their home, kill the whole family, rape the mother/
sadistic as fuck and I just simply don’t fucking care/
foad dgaf is what I scream into the fuckin’ air


after I burned the houses down, I walk back to my throne/
disciples all around me attempt to not get a slit throat/
yet all I see are snakes unless you fucking run with Karma Army/
sliced every single one of them, who the fuck can try to stop me?/
now that I have taken over, fuck the thoughts of being sober/
time to fucking party and bring in the new world order/
might as well be black and white with how blatant I rule/
I finally brought the pain to all pathetic backstabbing fools/
to the exes, the fake friends, the bitches that pretend/
I dropped all of their corpses like they were the newest fleeting trend/
got my fucking army besides to rule the newest nation/
running the regime in our vision with all our closing statements/
now I never have to worry about being fucking hurt by/
all the same faggots I swore I would never let inside/
and quite simply this is how the world should be existing/
dealwithit with no remorse is your new best fucking king


released April 4, 2013
lyrics and production by dealwithit
recorded by Jack Auger
artwork by Sam Irving



all rights reserved


dealwithit Florida

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